The MPB6-8LC cassette is designed to optimize fiber optic cable management, plug-and-play, rapid deployment, and increase flexibility and manageability to reduce installation costs. the MPO connection at the rear of the module provides a high degree of flexibility. it can be directly connected to the optical module to reduce the number of link core conversions, use rack space efficiently, and use more flexible solutions to deploy ethernet and fibre channel.

    Operating temperature:-20°C ~+75°C
    Storage temperature:-40°C ~+75°C
    Fiber Mode: Multimode/Single Mode
    Maximum insertion loss:
    MPO-LC(SM) ≤1.5dB; MPO-LC(MM) ≤0.75dB
    MTP-LC(SM) ≤1.3dB; MTP-LC(MM) ≤0.5dB

Product Features

    ●  8 LC fiber optic connection.

    ● 12F MPO/MTP fiber connection.

    ● LC can use low-loss connectors.
Common and elite MTP/MPO connectors.

    ● The fiber types are SM, MM (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5).

    ● Using high-strength plastic, surface matte treatment.


    ● Data center and infrastructure

    ● Storage area network

    ● Fibre Channel

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