GOF12X1 is mainly used for connecting equipment between the trunk optical cable and the distribution optical cable node in the optical fiber cabling. modular design: the built-in welding tray (that is the splicing module) successfully integrates welding and wiring into one layer, flexible configuration, drawer type the structure is simple and convenient, and the adapter is installed at an inclination angle to ensure the best bending radius of the optical fiber and low transmission loss. the processing of the external cable of the equipment, the termination of the pigtail, the fiber optical cable and the fusion splicing are all carried out on the front or back, with more space and unlimited installation sites. and it can realize the function of straight-through and stocking of optical cable.

    Operating temperature:-40°C ~+60°C
    Storage temperature:-40°C ~+60°C
    Relative humidity:≤85%(+30 °C)
    Atmospheric pressure:70kPa ~106kPa

Product Features

  • The cabinet is shaped from high strength glass-fiber polyester( SMC ) with excel lent perfor mance of mechanical durability, anti-erosion, aging resistance. And it could resistance severe climatic changes and serious working environment with long life over than 20 years.
  • The cabinet has good function of thermal insulation and hydrometeor resistance.
  • Safety and reliability, lock at three points with good function of theft-proo.
  • Scientific and reasonable structure sufficiently ensures the seal- ing for the cabinet, and prevents any foreign materials.


  • Intelligent broadband
  • Security monitoring system
  • Broadband cable TV
  • Fiber to home system
  • Wide area network
  • Local area network
  • Metropolitan area network

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