MP4A-1U bevel angled patch panels provide safe conversion between MTP and LC discrete connector interfaces. They are used to interface MTP and LC devices. in the case of moving, adding or changing, the pre-filled panel of the corner patch panel can quickly deploy high-density data center infrastructure and improve failure and reconfiguration. suitable for high-density jumper management. MTP angled patch panels include factory control and testing MTP and LC separate columns to provide optical performance and reliability. Low-loss MTP Elite and LC provide significant low insertion loss in order to meet low power budget and high-speed networks.


    Operating temperature:-40°C ~+75°C
    Storage temperature:-40°C ~+75°C
    Relative humidity:≤85%(+30 °C)
    Atmospheric pressure:70kPa ~106kPa

Product Features

   ●  The maximum capacity of 1U angled patch panel includes 192-core fiber

   ●  19-inch rack type, the color is black

   ●  Reliability test: 100% factory terminal test

   ●  Tool-free installation easy to disassemble

   ●  The rear cable rack can manage the optical cable from both sides


   ●  Data communication application

   ●  Data center infrastructure

   ●  Storage area network, Fibre Channel.

   ●  Form 40 and 100 gbps protocol compatible.

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