A problem with traditional data center cabling

With the rapid growth of Internet data traffic, the role of data centers or computer rooms is becoming more and more important. As one of the key links, computer room cabling is a place where administrators need a lot of effort. So what are the common problems?

1.Port management relies on paper labels that are easy to fall off.

2.The terminal equipment cannot monitor the usage status and the resources are easy to sink.

3.Resource collection and reporting require on-site operations by construction personnel, without real-time verification, and errors continue to overlap.

4.Resource maintenance and fault location rely on manual completion, lack of effective maintenance methods.

5.Economic losses continue to expand due to slow business recovery.

In order to reduce the construction errors of the staff and facilitate the construction and maintenance management, the intelligent optical fiber distribution frame system is a development trend.

what is the intelligent optical fiber patch panel system

The intelligent optical fiber patch panel system is mainly composed of operating software, RCU, PCU and other components. It mainly uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, which is used for short-distance identification communication, and then uploads the data for monitoring and management.

1.RCU-Intelligent monitoring display system

Function: Intelligent LC optical fiber patch panel

》RCU is a central processing system for optical fiber patch panel

》Perform data analysis, storage, processing, conversion, realizing on-site monitoring, identification, remote management and other applications

》Data is converted into the form of Ethernet and combined with DCIM, RCU can support up to 42 PCU operations

》BUS interface provides power for other PCUs, the maximum output is 15V DC MAX., 4.6A

》The LCD display shows the processor ID, PCU ID and other related information, providing link information for running remote monitoring

》Can monitor the status of each PCU port in time, link or disconnect

2.PCU LC Intelligent optical fiber patch panel

RJ45 Intelligent optical fiber distribution frame



》PCU is the subunit of RCU operation

》Use RFID technology to realize wireless identification function

》19-inch standard installation, 1U can install up to 24 LC dual interface

》RFID scanner can identify and read jumpers with RFID transponders

》It can monitor the status of the port in time, link or disconnect, the LED indicator light is on, it means the link is good, the light is off, it means the link is disconnected, and the light flashes and the link is wrong

》The scanner can record and read and write the data of the transponder, such as the type, category, length, etc. of the optical cable

》RCU's BUS line provides energy for PCU's RFID module

》The RFID standards of various manufacturers are different, and related jumpers with RFID tags cannot be shared

3.RFID optical patch cord

Application of Intelligent Optical Fiber patch panel System

Intelligent monitoring system display

Connect the PC terminal to the LAN port of the intelligent monitoring system through the network cable, then open the control software on the PC terminal, enter the address value on the intelligent monitoring system display screen, set up and debug, and finally monitor the data center network connection data in real time. Use LED indicators to guide and perform jumper related operations.

Control software display

The data information can be clearly seen on the software, and the connection of each port has a connection display. If there is a disconnection, a red light will be displayed, which is convenient and simple to operate

Connection display

Each interface has a name and address value, and it is unique and will not be repeated, which is convenient for later search and management

Control link diagram

The entire computer room connection display

Compared with traditional integrated wiring management

1. Avoid man-made mistakes in integrated wiring management and reduce the workload of IT staff. In the traditional integrated wiring management, the staff records the current integrated wiring status through paper labels and record sheets. It is inevitable that there will be errors and unclear handwriting, especially the loss of records caused by personnel alternation will cause immeasurable errors.

2. Reduce maintenance costs and downtime

The intelligent wiring system is 30% more expensive than the ordinary wiring system, and installing the intelligent wiring management system on the existing ordinary wiring system only needs to change 20% of the original wiring. Some data show that although the first installation cost is relatively higher, the maintenance cost has been greatly reduced. The intelligent wiring management system works with the corresponding software. If you want to enter new data or change the original data, you only need to operate on the computer and refresh the database, and the new data will be displayed. It saves a lot of work of replacing labels by network administrators in the past, and will not cause various problems caused by frequent label replacement (such as incomplete cleaning of the original labels, and the inability of the successor to recognize the notes of the predecessor). Once there is a problem with the wiring system, traditional wiring requires staff to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire wiring system to find out where the problem is. The intelligent wiring management system can notify IT through a warning system or email when the problem occurs. Personnel, and automatically find out the problem. IT personnel only need to find the corresponding cabinet and patch panel to solve the problem according to the system prompts, which greatly reduces the error troubleshooting time.

3. More intuitive and scientific

The intelligent wiring management system can visually display the current wiring system status in real time, and the remote management system can operate the current wiring status with only the network or even the mobile phone. Any non-permitted changes to the wiring system will be alerted to the management staff at the first time. The data management of the traditional wiring management system is man-made records, it is inevitable that there will be errors, and the loss of data will cause immeasurable losses, but the database of the intelligent wiring management system stores all the status records of the wiring update, even if the records are lost, the intelligent wiring system is also It only takes a short time to scan the entire wiring system and immediately display the status of the current wiring system. At present, intelligent optical fiber distribution frame systems have been installed and equipped worldwide, especially in developed countries in Europe and America. It is believed that this technology will be widely used in China in the near future.